Over 450 people vaccinated in Daro today

A group of recipients expressing their delight after receiving their first dose of vaccine.

DARO: A total of 480 people from Daro District came to the Daro District Community Hall vaccination centre (PPV) for their jabs today.

Kamarudin Julis, 32, who had his first dose of Sinovac vaccine, urged those yet to receive the vaccine or are still hesitant to register as soon as possible.

“The vaccine is for everyone’s safety to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the community, particularly in Daro District.”

Siti Sarah, 21, praised the health professionals and volunteers who had worked tirelessly to make the immunisation programme a success.

Daro District health officer and Daro District PPV coordinator Dr Fatih Nuraf’idah said as of Tuesday, a total of 7,981 recipients had gotten the first dose while 2,424 recipients had completed the second dose.

In addition, the Malaysian Information Department (JaPen) Daro District launched the Info On Wheels (IOW) programme at the PPV to create awareness about the importance of working together and following standard operating procedures to curb the spread of Covid-19.