Over 5,500 people vaccinated at Kozi Square PPV

A senior citizen takes a photograph after receiving his dose.

KUCHING: More than 5,580 people have been vaccinated at the Kozi Square vaccination centre (PPV) near the Sarawak General Hospital here since it began operation on June 12.

Kozi Square PPV manager Dr Dayangku Siti Rafidah said in the first three days of its operation, only 500 people were vaccinated per day.

“After that, the number increased to 1,800 people per day and the maximum vaccination capacity in Kozi Square is now at 2,000 people per day,” she said.

She added that the Kozi Square PPV focuses more on vaccinating frontliners who have yet to receive the vaccine and also patients, especially those referred from specialists and private hospitals as well as those referred by Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

“The PPV at Kozi Square is also expected to cover all sectors of the community so that 80 percent of the population can be vaccinated before the end of this year,” she said.

Vaccine recipients wait for their turn to receive the jab at Kozi Square PPV.

She added 70 staff of Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) are on duty at the Kozi Square PPV and operation starts as early as 8am to 6pm daily.

“Among the constraints that we often face is the lack of staff because they have to divide their work at the hospital and the PPV.

“But on Friday (June 18), we received voluntary help from the Sarawak Red Crescent and hopefully with their presence, it will help to smoothen the vaccination process at Kozi Square PPV,” she said.

In an effort to expedite the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK) process, Dr Rafidah also called upon more individuals and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to come forward to volunteer at the Covid-19 PPV.

Currently there are 71 PPVs across Sarawak, and Kozi Square PPV, located next to SGH, is one of the latest PPV to operate.

Meanwhile, as of June 17, a total of 484,869 people out of 1,405,883 people who have registered for the Covid-19 vaccines, have been inoculated.

Tight standard operating procedures (SOP) are in place at the Kozi Square PPV.