Over 9k from transport sector register for vaccination

Lee (standing left) with some foodpanda riders who came for vaccination at IKBN.

MIRI: Some 9,827 individuals from the transport sector have submitted their names for Covid-19 vaccination.

Sarawak Transport Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shim said it was vital that all frontliners, including those in the transport sector such as p-hailing (food, drinks and paarcel delivery using motorcycles), get vaccinated as they interact with the public daily.

Lee added that 1,576 individuals, including lorry drivers, from forwarding agencies had submitted their names.

“The others include bus drivers (645); driving school instructors (800); e-hailing drivers (4,677); taxi drivers (1,147); p-hailing riders (982); riverine transport operators (617); and aviation staff (1,581).

“Recently, Brunei required all foreign transporters to or passing through Brunei be vaccinated. This policy came into effect on July 13.

“So far, 1,397 lorry drivers have been vaccinated – that is 89 per cent of the names submitted by the Sarawak Forwarding Agency Association.

“The number includes 101 lorry drivers out of 151 from Miri involved in transporting goods to Brunei and also to Limbang and Lawas, passing through Brunei.”

Lee disclosed that many of the public transport frontliners, who have yet to be vaccinated, had already been informed of their appointment dates.

“Some of the p-hailing riders received their first dose at Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara today and currently, there are 169 p-hailing riders in Miri Division whose names have been submitted for vaccination,” said Lee on Friday (July 2).

“I urge frontliners yet to register to cooperate and quickly contact the respective Resident’s offices.”

Lee also reminded the public to stay vigilant and comply with Covid-19 and movement restriction standard operating procedures.