Over RM1 million to help Sebuyau fishing community

Julaihi (left) testing the current fishery machines.

SEBUYAU: The Fisheries Department (JPM) has allocated RM1.1 million to help the fishing community here.
Infrastructure and Port Development Assistant Minister Datuk Julaihi Narawi said RM43,692 had been spent on equipment assistance for Kampung Tebelu.
Another RM41,133.30 was allocated to Kampung Hulu — the community includes those involved in downstream processing of fishery products.
“The Projek Bantuan ke arah Pertanian Organik (organic agriculture fund) amounts to RM85,000 and has been approved.
“Recipients will also receive equipment such as stainless steel tables, freezers, insulation boxes and more, as requested and approved by JPM.”
Julaihi was speaking at the handover of assistance at Kampung Hilir Tebelu here yesterday.
He added that equipment assistance for Kampung Tebelu for the production of ice flakes was RM100,000 while the amount for Kampung Hulu for the building and repair of vessels was RM9,990.
“Recipients of the Kampung Tebelu assistance received ice flake machines and insulation boxes.
“Meanwhile, the Kampung Hulu recipients were given carpentry equipment.”
Julaihi also channelled RM10,000 to the Kampung Tebelu community.
Earlier, he officiated at the launch of the Kampung Tebelu mini ice factory, which is able to supply two tonnes of ice cubes daily.
Also present were Sarawak Marine Fisheries director Bohari Leng, Tebelu MyKP (My Komuniti Perikanan) chairman Sabeli Salihin and other representatives.

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