Over RM35 mln to improve Triso-Melebu-Pusa coastal road
By:Osman Razali
KCH-julaihi road-0610-shc

BELADIN: Approximately RM38.7 million has been allocated by the state government to improve and upgrade the 26.3km Triso-Melebu-Pusa coastal road in three phases.

Assistant Minister of Infrastructure and Port Development Datuk Julaihi Narawai said the Triso-Melebu-Pusa coastal road was the seventh (PA7) out of 30 packages of coastal roads that would be repaired.

“We have received many complaints from the public about the terrible conditions so I would like to emphasise that we are not turning a blind eye.

“We are upgrading and improving the roads as it is one of the most important routes.

“So, this needs to be done as best as we can and we have no other choice as this is the only route to the Triso-Sebuyau ferry terminal and Batang Saribas ferry because the bridge is still being built.”

He said this to the media after a visit to the project site on Wednesday (Oct 6).

The Sebuyau assemblyman said the road was 35.4km long and the improvement works were divided into four phases.

“So far, the first, second and third phase was offered through an open tender while the fourth phase is still in process of tender and it involves the remaining 9.1km.

“We hope that when this project is completed, it will provide convenience to the road users. This is part of the state government’s efforts for the people’s benefit.”

Datuk Julaihi Narawi speaking to the media.

He added that phase one of the project to repair and upgrade the Triso-Melebu-Pusa coastal road involving an 8.4km road at a cost of RM12.2 million.

“The second phase involves a distance of 8.843km which costs RM12.4 mln while the third phase, which is worth RM14.1 mln, will cover a distance of 9.1km. The total cost is RM38.7 mln and it is funded by the state government.”

Commenting on the issue of traffic management, he hoped that contractors would do daily traffic management due to the roads being heavily used.

Apart from repairing and upgrading the Triso-Melebu-Pusa coastal road, Julaihi added that the government would also build new routes under the Second Main Road package.

“Near Maludam, we will build the Second Main Road (Package A3) type R5. At the first 10km on coastal road from the Triso ferry terminal, shared with the Second Main Road, then detour towards Batang Saribas 2 Bridge in Kampung Spinang.

“This means that the road here when completed will be an important route for the coastal area. Currently, the 24.9km road is in the final stages of design.”

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