Sikie (right) presents the MRP cheque to Barayan at Tatau District Office.

TATAU: Cheques amounting to RM618,775 for Minor Rural Project (MRP) 2020 in N60 Kakus constituency had been disbursed to 45 associations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and Village Development and Security Committees (JKKKs) of longhouses on Thursday.

Native Laws and Customs Assistant Minister Datuk John Sikie Tayai urged the recipients to use the MRP grants wisely for the purpose of repairing longhouses and purchase of building materials.

“Apart from that, the grants can also be used to improve economy such as to buy oil palm seeds and fruit seedlings,” he said when handing over the cheques to the recipients in a ceremony held at Tatau District Office.

Sikie who is also Kakus assemblyman further said the JKKK chairpersons should inform and hold meetings with the residents in their respective longhouses on the allocation for MRP to deliberate on the expenditures.

He added that the appointment in JKKK must not be from the same family for instance, the Tuai Rumah as the chairman while his son or son-in-law as the treasurer, to prevent abuse of MRP funds.

He continued: “For Gawai celebration, there will be no ‘ngabang’ (visiting) activity allowed. Stay at home. Celebrate with your family members only.

“The community in the urban areas are prohibited from going back home to celebrate Gawai to prevent the risk of Covid-19 transmission to the old folks in the longhouses.

“Please ensure that the standard operating procedure (SOP) for conditional movement control order (CMCO) is always followed such as practising social distancing, using sanitisers, washing hands regularly and wearing face masks.”

Also present were Tatau District Officer Barayan Lenya, Selangau District Officer Inting Nyami, KPD Tatau District representative Insp Nyipa Juwet, Pemancha Gerosen Jubin, Penghulu Sanok Magai and Penghulu Thomas Jawa Lasu.