AU (2nd right) handing over the RM7,155 funds raised from the live auction to Sim (2nd left). Also seen (from left) are SCCS assistant manager (events and marketing) Genevieve Tan and Priscilla.

KUCHING: The Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) was the recipient of a recent live charity auction on social media that raised RM7,155 to fund its efforts in supporting children with cancer in Sarawak.

The auction was organised by Steven Au, a local businessman. It was co-hosted by regionally renowned Kuching-born singer-songwriter Priscilla Abby Chai and her brother local artiste and celebrity Rambo Chai.

Items auctioned in this event were sponsored by Limited Edition Kuching, as well as a highly sought-after pair of sneakers, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Spiderman, provided from Au’s personal collection.

The auction was aired live on Au’s Facebook page –

“I am a long-time supporter of SCCS, and having children myself, I see the importance of the work that they do. I decided to organise this event as I feel it is a good way to raise awareness of the SCCS and get more people to support them, and of course raise money to support the work that they do.

“Jodie Sim (SCCS programmes and services manager) shared with me that up to May this year, donations have dropped by 80 percent. That was when I decided that I have to do my bit to help them to continue helping the children in the current challenging economic situation in Malaysia.

“I also feel that this online event can allow people to participate and support safely from their homes in this new normal we are living in today,” he said.

Sim said that SCCS had been striving to build more awareness online, especially during this challenging time. She said that events like these that raised crucial funds for them to continue their support for the children were also instrumental in raising awareness of their efforts.

“To date, for example, SCCS has incurred more than RM68,000 in expenses to provide medical and financial aid. These include assistance with specialised medical procedures and transportation claims for children living in rural areas to encourage them to continue important treatment and check-ups,” she said.

She added that she was grateful for supporters like Au who recognised that in the changing environment brought about by Covid-19, the struggle to help children with cancer does not stop.

“At the start of the movement control order, we quickly put procedures in place to safeguard the children and their caregivers from outstation who are staying in the SCCS centre in Kuching. We strove to make sure that essential services were still being provided, from the monthly financial aid to emotional support, especially in this more stressful time,” she said.

The talented Priscilla was moved to join Au in his efforts when he invited her to co-host. Together with Rambo, she helped to pull in over 18,000 views of the live auction.

“Au told me that SCCS helps 200 children a year who suffer from cancer. I learned about their services that range from providing emotional support, which I think is crucial in such a difficult and new time for the child and family, to monthly financial aid for families in need. This really touches me, and I am glad to be involved in such a meaningful event,” she said.

With 60 to 70 new cases of childhood cancer diagnosed in Sarawak each year and an annual estimated operating cost of RM1.5mln, support from corporate partners, the government, and members of the public is crucial for SCCS to be able to carry out its services for approximately 200 families yearly.

Members of the public who would like to support the cause can sign up for SCCS’s Heart of Gold recurring donation programme at

They can choose to donate monthly or quarterly with a minimum contribution of RM10 per month. More information can be found on or by contacting their office at 082-686276.