The height limit barrier pole damaged after it is believed to be run over by errant truckers.

KUCHING: The action of errant truckers to bulldoze through the height limit barrier near the Batu Kawa Bridge has irked Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian.

He noted there had been repeated offences by truck drivers in neglecting the height limit of the underpass at the bridge.

“Another driver, another truck; when are they going to learn? I had suggested that we use paint bombs to splatter paint at trucks which disobeyed the height limit as they have no respect for the warning signs,” he lamented.

He said this in a Facebook post on Saturday in response to a photo of a damaged height limit barrier which is believed to be run over by a truck.

Lately, the Batu Kawa assemblyman had lamented that a few errant truckers had ignored the height limit of the underpass at the Batu Kawa Bridge which could potentially cause structural damage.

“Government agencies such as the Public Works Department (JKR) have been working nonstop to rectify the damages done by the errant truckers. As it is a federal road, I had asked JKR to check on the damage to the bridge.

“Perhaps we have to be smart by utilising paint bombs so if the trucks hit the height limit, it is easier to find the culprit,” he said.

Dr Sim warned that police would take action against the errant truckers who flouted the traffic regulations as their actions could potentially put public safety into jeopardy.

“Public safety, the integrity of the bridge itself will be at risk every time errant truckers strikes the under pass.

“As it is a federal road, JKR will conduct repair again for this underpass at the Batu Kawa Bridge,” he said.