Willie Mongin

KUCHING: Palm oil could soon be used as a raw material to produce bio-jet fuel, said Federal Deputy Plantation and Commodities Minister Willie Mongin.

“In China, they have done a research where palm oil could be produced into bio-jet fuel used by aircraft.

“We have also done our research with the help of several universities to create bio-jet fuel,” he said at the Jom Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) programme here today.

He also added that if bio-fuel could be done, then the price of palm oil would rise.

In another development, Willie said that Malaysia also started the biodiesel agenda, namely B30 and B20, which is to be implemented throughout the country.

“So far, we have launched our biodiesel programme in Langkawi and Labuan where one day, biodiesel will be used by every vehicle, and so far, we have used it in the logistics sector.

“Imagine if palm oil is used as oil or bio-fuel, the price will skyrocket. This way, we do not have to sell to foreign countries but instead, it will be used domestically.

“I am optimistic about the diesel programme initiative and the commitment we have towards maintaining the current price for palm oil or maybe raising the price in the near future,” he said.