Pandemic can’t dampen devt projects

Nancy (second right, front row) and others in front of the surau at SK Samalatong.

KUCHING: The progress of several construction projects in the Batang Sadong parliamentary constituency has not been dampened by the Covid-19 pandemic, said its MP Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri.

On Sunday (Aug 8), she visited several completed projects in the constituency which comprise the construction of a surau, a community hall and the repair of dilapidated houses.

Nancy said three houses in Kampung Kepayang in Batang Sadong had undergone repairs under the Minor Rural Project-Sarawak Poor Home Improvement Programme (MRP-PPRMS), which is worth almost RM36,000.

“Even though we are facing the challenges posed by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we still need to serve the people. That’s why today, I still carry out my duties as usual and follow the prescribed standard operating procedures,” she said when met.

Earlier, the MP also presented grants for MRP-PPRMS projects to Kampung Kepayang String’s village safety and development committee, which was represented by community leader Joseph Nayu Ali.

Nancy said, this year, a total of 51 houses throughout Batang Sadong belonging to the less fortunate, the hardcore poor, the destitute and the disabled will be repaired through the programme funded by the Sarawak government.

She said 150 houses in the three state constituencies — Sadong Jaya, Simunjan and Gedong — under Batang Sadong have been repaired since 2020.

Meanwhile, she also visited the recently completed surau at SK Samalatong in Ulu Simunjan, which is worth RM20,000 under the Projek Mesra Rakyat (PMR).

She also stopped by to visit the Sg Semabang, Gedong village hall, which was completed under PMR.

The completion of both projects is a relief to the locals as they provide comfort to surau users and the villagers.