Paris rabbits win reprieve after ‘nuisance’ order reversed

Some 250 wild rabbits in Paris get reprieve and no longer considered 'nuisance'. Illustration only -- Photo: Pixabay

PARIS: The rabbits of Paris can breathe a furry sigh of relief and continue merrily feasting on the French capital’s vegetation after the city reversed an order classifying them as a nuisance.

The order had been adopted in 2021 to stop what authorities said was damage being caused by the animals, notably on the large lawns around outside Invalides monument complex in the city.

It would have given the city the authority to eliminate the rabbit population in a move that outraged local activist animal rights groups who swiftly obtained a court order suspending it.

But without waiting for a final legal ruling, Paris police chief Didier Lallement has now reversed the order, the Paris Animaux Zoopolis (PAZ) group told AFP.

The new order was issued on February 2 and has been seen by AFP after being first reported by the Le Parisien daily.

Amandine Sanvisens, the head of PAZ, told AFP that the city police had provided no proof that the animals were causing any damage.

“We are pushing for a peaceful cohabitation with the animals that live in the city and we want to promote non-lethal methods,” she said.

There are some 250 wild rabbits living within inner city Paris, according to the local authorities, with numbers increasing along with those of foxes, swans and other fauna. – AFP

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