Park to be completed by mid-June

A three-dimension (3D) illustration of the new Kota Padawan Recreational Park in Kota Padawan.

KUCHING: The new Kota Padawan Recreational Park project is set to be completed by around mid-June this year.

Project consultant Akitree Design landscape architect (LAr) James Sim said the project’s construction is going well and is at 91.3 percent completion.

“We have finished the rear part of the recreational park and all that’s left are the installation of the floor panel on the hill, the exercise stations, the front entrance and the public toilet,” he said when New Sarawak Tribune met him at the construction site of the park yesterday (May 25).

When asked if there is additional allocation of budget, Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) architect Roland Rengga, who was also there, said that it is still within range of the original budget.

“The original budget is still at RM1.2 million since the project began in November last year,” said Roland.

Originally, the park was scheduled to be completed on May 15, but the contractor faced difficulties at the early stages of the project.

“There are no major difficulties, but due to unpredictable weather and the condition of the project site which caused the soil to be wet, it caused the delay of the project,” said James.

He added that they will face yet another challenge as the movements of the workers will be restricted as imposed in the new standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“Hence, we need to get permits ready for them as most of them are from Bau and Siburan areas,” he told.

Lo Khere Chiang

The Kota Padawan Recreational Park is 1.51 acres (0.61 hectares) of land and the project is to re-purpose the first Sarawak Railway Service in the Brooke era as a heritage in a park setting.

MPP chairman Lo Khere Chiang said that he was happy to see the progress of the park and looks forward to its completion.

He also congratulated his architect team from the council, the project consultant and the project manager.

“I hope everyone will be happy and come to the park for s relaxing evening stroll and do healthy activities,” he said.