Parliament should reconvene irrespective of the Emergency

Political analyst Assoc Prof Dr Saudi Narani.

KUCHING: Political analyst Assoc Prof Dr Saudi Narani concurred with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s call for Parliament to reconvene as soon as possible.

He believed that Parliament should reconvene at any time, irrespective of the state of emergency.

“The House is the highest decision-making body, and without such, any decision – even those made by the prime minister – can be questionable or otherwise nullified,” he said yesterday (June 17).

He pointed out that parliamentary sitting allowed members to deliberate on important national issues, especially the National Recovery Plan and the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance 2021, on top of strategies to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In fact, Parliament can sit more often instead of no sitting at all. There are so many national issues that need important decisions very badly,” he said.

He also said that Parliamentary sittings ensured the supremacy of the Constitution.

“We must put forward the nation’s interest first, and ensure check and balance to persist reasonably in the august House,” he said, adding that political interests should be set aside this time around.

He opined that state and federal elections should not be held in the midst of the pandemic, as the safety, needs and welfare of the people were of utmost importance.

He pointed out that elections could be held anytime after the pandemic.

“This is why we need Parliament to convene and decide very wisely, putting aside emotions and selfish political interest,” he emphasised.

“Parliament must convene as soon as possible to see and decide on all related issues. With parliamentary decisions, nothing is impossible. We must play to the fullest extent our rights in this highly appraised parliamentary and monarchical democracy,” he said.

He also said that the target of ending the pandemic must be set, with the implementation of various measures to achieve it.

“Covid-19 cases must go down. The effort to do massive vaccinations must be carried out at all levels. Massive cleansing of public places – villages, schools, roads, markets, airport, and malls, to name a few – through fully effective means as seen in other countries must be adopted,” he urged.