Munan Laja

KUCHING: Sarawak Workers Party thinks that the minimum wage of RM1,200 should be the same for the whole country and not limited only to workers in urban areas.

Its president Munan Laja said, “Workers in the rural and small towns face more hardships.”   

He said those working in timber camps, oil palm plantations and forest plantations were paying a lot for their daily needs.

Munan Laja

“Rural teachers and staff are also having a hard time,” he added.

He argued that the idea of giving a minimum wage of RM1,200 to workers in major towns and cities and RM1,100 to workers at small towns and rural areas was not acceptable at all.

“Transportation costs are very high and life in the rural towns and small towns is hard and difficult, especially so when they are far from hospitals, schools, colleges, universities and administrative centres,” he pointed out.

On Dec 18, the federal government decided to raise the minimum monthly wage to RM1,200 in major towns under 57 city and municipal councils.

The minimum wage will take effect from January 1 next year for all employers.