Payak season is back!!

Fresh payak sold at Mukah wet market.

MUKAH: People can now buy ‘payak’ (red shrimps) at a much cheaper price than usual as its season has already begun.

According to a 48-year-old fisherman Wardi Norsidi, every time the payak season would arrive, the people at Mukah could purchase the much-enjoyed seafood for as low as RM10 per kilo compared to the regular price which reaches RM20 per kilo.

“Fishermen in Mukah, Matu, Daro, Oya and Belawai areas usually would get a good catch during the Kaul season (from April to October) every year.

“Apart from payak, white shrimp is also widely available and sold at only RM10 per kilo compared to the normal price of RM15 per kilo,” the Kampung Tutus Hilir resident added.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by our reporter found that fresh payak was also processed into ‘sesar unjur’ (smoked shrimps) which could reach a price of RM100 to RM300 per kilo.