Ting (second right) with the longhouse folk in Batu Burak.

SIBU: The Youth chief of Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) Bawang Assan Division, Joshua Ting Fu Ying, believes that the best way to serve the people is to work hard to solve their problems.

Even little matters that seem insignificant but have impact on their lives should not be ignored, he said, adding that these included the development and maintenance of suburban public facilities and amenities.

He said these were among the livelihood issues that elected representatives should pay attention to.

“Public facilities that should be maintained regularly include lighting facilities, road signs and signboards.

“Sadly, when visiting longhouses, I found that many of the most basic public facilities were in disrepair. This has caused a lot of trouble to the people,” he told reporters on Monday (Sept 7).

Ting, who is also candidate for Bawang Assan state constituency, explained that perhaps these public facilities may seem insignificant to urban people, but for longhouse people with minimal resources, they were extremely precious.

He made the comments after accompanying a team which distributed basic supplies to the people in Batu Burak.

Ting said he noticed that the longhouse folk had no electricity which made it difficult for them to move around at night.

He spoke about the theft of motorcycles belonging to some of villagers because the place was always dark.

He said he and his team added three outdoor solar lights to the area to provide lighting for local residents at night, repair the iron door of a prayer room and renovate the school signboard.

After discussing with Sibu director of Education, Ahli Chikba, Tuai Rumah Catherine Tamoh and the school principal, he immediately arranged an advertising agency to renovate the signboard at the entrance of SK Sungai Aup in Bukit Aup.