Tan Sri Abang Khalid Marzuki

KUCHING: The Association of Malay Importers and Traders of Motor Vehicles Malaysia (Pekema) Sarawak has praised the computerised vehicle inspection centre (Puspakom) for its proactive measure to introduce an online appointment app to smoothen the pace of vehicle inspections.

The app named ‘MyPuspakom’ is in line with the new norms that are being practised in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pekema Sarawak president, Tan Sri Abang Khalid Marzuki urged all association members to use the mobile app to make appointments for their vehicles to be inspected.

“I believe this app is able to overcome the problem of vehicle congestion waiting in line to be checked at the Puspakom premises.

“Therefore, I hope the automotive industry players, especially members of Pekema will work closely with Puspakom in our efforts to ease the business we run,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

Abang Khalid did not deny that there were a few members who had problems waiting for the vehicle inspection turn slot due to the relatively long availability date despite having made an online appointment.

“This became a concern for Pekema which is worried about losing customers due to having to wait too long for their vehicles to be inspected,” he said.

However, Pekema Sarawak had met with representatives of Puspakom Kuching recently to discuss issues and suggestions for service improvements for the benefit of both parties.

“I am confident that the issues raised will be addressed and resolved by Puspakom and that is why the cooperation between both parties is important,” he said.