Pemulih food baskets for 250 villagers

Dr Nuing (left) hands over a Pemulih food basket to a representative of the villagers.

TATAU: A total of 250 people from 17 longhouses throughout Sungai Arip areas received food baskets through the National People’s Wellbeing and Economic Recovery Package (Pemulih).

The symbolic handover ceremony of the food baskets was conducted by Senator Dr Nuing Jeluing.

Nuing said the Pemulih food basket was distributed based on allocation from the federal government to all senators apart from members of parliament for each parliamentary constituency.

He said the allocation through the senators for the food baskets was done through non-governmental organisations.

“For us in Sarawak, the assistance was distributed to the head of household or based on the number of doors in a longhouse.

“However, we decided to distribute to the respective head of the room (tuai bilik) who are at home here,” he said during the handover ceremony at Rumah Kechendai, Kepayang Jaya, Jalan SK Iban Union in the Kakus constituency on Saturday (July 31).

He added that the food basket is to help ease the burden of the people who have been affected by Covid-19.