Wellfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah (second right) having a wefie with the advisor of Persatuan Pengasih Malaysia Dato Alia HM Jally (front) and other members during recieve the courtesy call by these delegates at her office in Baitulmakmur building in Petra Jaya, Kuching.

KUCHING: Pengasih Malaysia Association (Pengasih) yesterday paid a courtesy call to Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Developmen Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah at her office in Baitulmakmur Building here.

The similarities between the goals of Pengasih and the ministry eventually landed collaboration between both parties.

Fatimah said, “We will be collaborating with Pengasih in rehabilitation programmes in line with the Social Development Council (SDC) plans in undertaking drug and substance issues under the state government.

“There are lots of programmes either by enforcement or otherwise such as preventions, community-based and schools,” she added.

According to Fatimah, in one of the programmes named Randau Social Development, Pengasih proposed to have their ‘icons’ to give talks.

“It is where they could lend us their icons who are former addicts to share their past experiences and lessons to the audience especially the students,” Fatimah explained.

“This is a great opportunity because I believe it is more effective if the talks are delivered by the individuals who have been through the rehabilitation process firsthand and have recovered successfully,” she continued.

Fatimah stressed that the collaboration could bring more light to the related issues and could help them figure out ways in undertaking the problems better from every aspect.

The Pengasih delegation was led by its advisor Datuk Alia HM Jally joined by another advisor Datuk Kamisah Mohd Nor, president Ramli Abdul Samad, deputy president Hafizi Harun and executive council member Nazri Datuk Ahmad Lai.

Pengasih has yet to build their first centre in the state, said Social Development Council (SDC) administrative officer Mohd Syahrulnizam Jamalludin

“Lawas was suggested to be the location for Pengasih’s first centre in the state but the whole intention of opening up a centre for Pengasih is still under examination and being studied,” he stated.

“SDC is going to organise Randau Social Development programmes at 12 different locations and include the icons from Pengasih. So far, we have organised the programmes at Sebuyau and Padawan,” he pointed out.

“The next Randau Social Development programme would be in Sri Aman on 16 and 17 March,” he added.

Among those present were Women, Family and Childhood Development assistant minister Rosey, the ministry’s permanent secretary Dr Saadiah Abdul Samat, and SDC executive secretary Dr Zufar Yadi Brendan Abdullah.