Perkim lends help to fire victims

Fatimah and other Perkim members present donations to fire victims in Balingian.

BALINGAN: Perkim Balingian branch made cash donations to fire victims who were made homeless in a fire last week.

Concerned with their wellbeing, the body came forward to show their care to the families whose houses were fully destroyed in the blaze. Two other properties were nearly ruined in the incident.

It is understood that Perkim managed to gather donations from members of the organisation and distributed them to the victims.

Its chairman, Fatimah Narawi, hoped that the donations would help alleviate the burden of the families involved.

“Thank you to all members, because today we are able to provide donations to the victims of this catastrophe; may all victims persist in facing this hardship.

“Everything that happens has a lesson behind it; may God continue to bless us all,” she said.