‘PH govt trapped by undelivered promises’

KUCHING: The Pakatan Harapan (PH) controlled by federal government now suddenly finds itself trapped by its “over promise-under delivered” manifesto when it comes to delivering projects in Sarawak.

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Youth chief Datuk Snowdan Lawan said this when commenting on Baru Bian’s statement which described the state leaders of being too fast and presumptuous by alleging that the elected representatives of federal government have not acted in the best interest of Sarawak when it comes to matters affecting the state.

“Thus far, we have not seen and felt any real tangible and impactful initiatives delivered by the PH government that parallel their sky- high manifesto especially to Sarawak,” he stressed.

” We choose a more pragmatic approach. Form GPS, untangle ourselves from Malaya’s  coalition and chart our own destiny. It’s better late than never. “

“But we do hear of instructions that certain projects are to be reviewed, reclassified, delayed or even in the midst to be cancelled. This is disappointing,” said Snowdan who is also Sports Assistant Minister.

He said of course they have the same common lame excuses such as no funding available or not relevant at this moment given by the respective ministry.

“Apart from rhetoric politicking, even the Works Minister himself has not unveil any impactful projects for his motherland Sarawak as anticipated for the last half year despite being there, or perhaps he can’t do much.

“Playing blaming game on the previous BN government is not the answer and doesn’t bring them anyway further. They should be more forward looking and look for fund. It is the responsibility of the government of the day to look for fund and help the people. They must not run away from this,” he said.

The Balai Ringin assemblyman also said be mindful too that the present PM, and the purported to be PM were the same people who led BN then which have 29 years accumulated experience in swallowing up Sarawak’s wealth.

“They did it before, and probably will do it again. If history serves him right, Baru Bian would have realised that all these making were done by the same current PM himself,” he said, adding that the only difference is, before it was Sarawak wealth and now they are after the whole state.

On the contrary, he said leaders in the state government acted expediently by exiting from BN.

“We choose a more pragmatic approach. Form GPS, untangle ourselves from Malaya’s coalition and chart our own destiny. It’s better late than never. The formation of GPS is a bold move by our state, exiting from the conventional past to confront the dynamics of today,” he said.

He said the beautiful thing is that the state government is fast and shrewd enough to come up with the biggest budget thus far to accelerate development in the state without having to refer to Putrajaya.

“We will stay on track on this to protect and safeguard Sarawak’s interest and rights.”