PH supporter stands by Sarawak

‘LGE shouldn’t pick a fight with GPS, we’re friends’

KUCHING: Finance Minister Lim Guang Eng’s statement that Sarawak will go bankrupt in three years has been dismissed by people close to the Prime Minister.

Kelab Che Det Facebook in dismissing the statement said in no uncertain terms that the Finance Minister has not only put Sarawak in a bad light but it is “not true at all”, just short of saying it was a lie.

“Adakah kerajaan Sarawak akan bankrap? Saya rasa tidak. (Will the Sarawak government go bankrupt? I don’t think so),” went the post on the Facebook page Tuesday.

The post said the Sarawak government has been receiving “a clean bill of health for its public account management” issued by the Auditor-General for 16 straight years.

This is in addition to several international recognitions, it further noted.

The post spoke of fully understanding the feelings of Sarawakians when Lim said the state would go bankrupt.

“As Pakatan Harapan, we should not be ‘quarrelling’ with the Sarawak government. GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) is not an opposition party but an independent party that is pro-Pakatan Harapan. So, we should in fact be friends and not seek to tarnish the image of our friends.”

On another note, Kelab Chet Det, seen as a mouthpiece of Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, described the bahaviours of some Pakatan Harapan cabinet ministers as “still being trapped in an opposition mentality”.

“They appear to be very disorganised and not knowing their priorities.

“Another thing, please don’t ask PM (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) or anyone, how many more years before he relinquishes his post. He has promised he would relinquish after all has been settled.

“So just wait until he finishes his job, he will then let go.

“At least whoever succeeds him will not have anything to worry about.”

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