Pharmacists urge govt to review Poisons Act 1952

Lovy Beh

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guild (MCPG) is calling on the government to review the Poisons Act 1952 to ensure the pharmaceutical industry is in sync with innovations in technology.

Lovy Beh

Its president, Lovy Beh, who was met at the Pharmacy Renaissance Summit today, said the Act requires a few amendments to make certain the industry and country are not left behind in terms of development and economic growth compared to neighbouring countries.

“Most pharmacists and businesses have transformed greatly in terms of technology and advancements through the years,” said Beh, who is also a director at BP Healthcare Group, adding that there is a need to clear the grey area on the role of pharmacists.

“No separation in prescribing and dispensing. Our job (scope) is limited and we are not practising as per what we were taught in university.

“Most pharmacy graduates are in a dilemma because their dream is different from the reality in Malaysia,” she said.

In her speech at the MCPG-organised event, Beh said community pharmacists need to shift their focus from merely dispensing medicine to health promotion and disease prevention.

“Technology can be used as an aid to advance the roles of community pharmacists and improve patient care,” she said. – Bernama