Collin (centre) shows the destroyed weapons as others look on.

SIBU: Thirteen lethal weapons and ammunition seized in connection with several criminal cases between 2005 and 2020 were disposed of yesterday (July 10) within the district headquarters compound.

District police deputy chief, Supt Collin, said the weapons comprising 12 shotguns, a pistol, three air rifles, 34 bullets and eight cartridges were destroyed with approval from the court.

Present to witness the disposal was Magistrate Muhammad Faizal Che Saad, Sibu CID chief DSP Hadian Keria and police personnel from the district headquarters.

“Cases involving these weapons and ammunition had been cleared by the court with sentences passed or no further action (NFA) had been taken,” he said in a statement.

The method used to destroy the weapons were cutting, burning and burying.