Police need public help to fight crime

Merbin speaks at the dialogue.

SIMUNJAN: Sebuyau residents are advised to provide information on crime and drug abuse to the police.

Simunjan district police chief, DSP Merbin Lisa, in making this appeal, said the identity of information providers would be kept confidential.

“The identity of informers and the information they give would not be revealed, but the informers must give accurate information.

“We need the cooperation of all parties including villagers to curb criminal activities. Preventing crimes from taking place is crucial to reducing crimes.

Merbin speaks at the dialogue.

“The responsibility of preventing crimes should be shouldered by the public and the police together. This is a social responsibility,” said Merbin in a dialogue near here last Tuesday.

Merbin said the event was aimed at strengthening the relationship between the police and the community, in line with the police’s motto, ‘Polis dan Masyarakat Berpisah Tiada’ (police and community united).

During the dialogue, the police also shared updates on crime trends such as commercial crimes (scams), drug abuse and others.

About 300 people including community leaders, teachers and students attended the event.