Saribas assemblyman Mohammad Razi Sitam

KUCHING: A police report was filed against a fraud syndicate which used the identity of Betong MP Datuk Robert Lawson Chuat in a bid to solicit a sum of RM4,900 from Saribas assemblyman Mohammad Razi Sitam on Sunday.

Razi, when contacted, said the scammer used WhatsApp and the phone number 01115155790.

He initially received a message from Robert (with a profile picture taken with his wife).

“It was 12.27pm at that time, and the individual, who introduced himself as Betong MP, asked me to lend him RM4,900.

“But I told the person there was no money at home and the suspect then urged me to make an online transfer to a relative’s account.

“Worried, I called up Robert (on the real number),” he told reporters yesterday.

When Razi explained the matter to him, Robert denied such actions.

“He told me that he never sent me a WhatsApp message, let alone requested to borrow money from him.

“After talking to him, both of us decided to lodge  a police report to protect his reputation,” said Razi.

The police report was lodged at Sungai Maong police station around 4.01pm.

Razi added that he had previously received similar messages but simply ignored them.

However, this time, he stressed that the report had to be made because the scammer used the personal image of the Betong MP.

“I hope this incident will be a lesson to everyone.

“The police are expected to conduct a detailed investigation to identify the individuals involved in the phone scam case,” he said.

It is also understood two police reports had been lodged on the use of the same phone number.