Police tracking down three more gang members

Photos of the gang members who are still at large.

SIBU: The police here are actively tracking down three more members of the ‘Jes Gang’ which is responsible for robbing swiftlet nesting houses here.

Sibu District police chief ACP Stanley Jonathan Ringgit, in a statement today (Apr 8), said the gang was active in robbing swiftlet nesting houses guarded by Indonesian nationals around the town and in the rural areas.

“The gang of 10 local men is led by a man known as Jesmond Jackson.

“The modus operandi of the ‘Jes Gang’ is to target swiftlet nesting houses guarded by Indonesians. It will act aggressively by tying the victims with ropes before hitting them,” he explained.

Stanley said the gang members would wear masks, gloves and carry some equipment and sharp weapons such as machetes, spears and sticks to attack and hit their victims.

He added that after tying up the victims, the gang members would break down the walls of the swiftlet nesting houses, pry open the doors and cut the door locks to enter the premises.

“After that, the stolen swiftlet nests are sold to buyers who are acquaintances of the gang,” he explained, adding that the gang had been involved in at least eight robbery and theft cases involving swiftlet nesting houses around the town and rural areas here.

Stanley said a special police team had been set up to hunt down all members of the gang over the past two weeks. So far, police managed to arrest seven of gang members including the leader.

He explained that all the suspects had been remanded and investigations were still ongoing.

The police are tracking down three more members of the gang who are still at large.

“The police are seeking the cooperation of the public to channel information about the suspects who are still at large.

“If there is information about these three suspects, the public is asked to contact the nearest police station or Inspector Kumareswaran Murugan at 013-8024313,” added Stanley.