Politeknik Mukah has new 3D signage

Dullah (tenth left) and others showing the polytechnic’s 3D signage.

MUKAH: Politeknik Mukah (PMU) now has a new 3D signage bearing its acronym built in front of its compound.

The ‘I Love PMU’ signage is not only a sight to behold, but it also served other purposes.

PMU, on Friday (Nov 27), said it served as a symbol of pride and glory of the institution since its establishment here in 2005.

It is also as an ideal spot for students to spend their leisure time and take photographs.

PMU director Dullah Muluk said since PMU was set up in 2005, it had grown to become what it is today.

“From a humble beginning, the student enrolment has increased annually, while courses offered has also expanded to what they are available now,” he said.


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