Brennan's car used in e-hailing services parked outside his home as he is now a GrabFood rider delivering food to customers.

MIRI: Food delivery services have become an ideal platform to ease burdens during the Covid-19 outbreak.

With the tightened movement control order (MCO), more people are opting for online food applications, and to have their food delivered to their homes, instead of going outside as they usually did prior to the Covid-19 outbreak.

For a food delivery rider, who wishes to be known as Brennan from Permyjaya, the job offers extra source of income compared to his previous job.

Brennan was a full time e-hailing driver. However due to huge reduction in the number of passengers when Covid-19 outbreak struck the country, he was forced to leave the job and explored other choices.

“At that time, during the Covid-19, my customers for e-hailing were reduced; we were badly impacted and I had to make decision in order to support my family,” he said when met by the New Sarawak Tribune recently.

He saw an opportunity when people opted more on food delivery services as they could not go out to buy food.

“I’ve just started as a GrabFood rider for two weeks, and I could get more tips compared to what I had earned when I was an e-hailing driver,” he said.

“For a day, on average I deliver 80 tasks, delivering food to customers, although it’s not much, I’m happy as I will be able to pay essential bills and put food on the table for my family,” he said with a smile.

He disclosed, back then, when he was an e-hailing driver, he could hardly find a customer in a day during the MCO.

“The restrictions during MCO period in the middle of March this year, had made people stayed indoor, meaning, less customers for e-hailing drivers,” he said.

Like many Malaysians, GrabFood riders or e-hailing drivers have to cope with the hardships due to the Covid-19 pandemic