Abdul Karim


KUCHING:  Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah has lauded efforts by the Health Ministry (MOH) to address the spread of Covid-19  

It is learned that MOH had decided to station 1,000 housemen at public hospitals nationwide to support medical staff, particularly doctors, who had their hands full due to the outbreak.

Contacted by New Sarawak Tribune yesterday, Karim, who is also the Youth and Sports Minister, commented, “We know that doctors and medical staff now are under heavy pressure to handle the nationwide spreading of the virus.

“These people are our unsung heroes in this trying time. Therefore, bringing in 1,000 housemen will definitely help to reduce their burden.”

Karim pointed out that these housemen were qualified doctors who knew the standard operating procedure (SOP) of how to address the related problems better than other volunteers.

It was reported that these housemen would be placed in public hospitals nationwide today (Mar 16).