Reporters visit the Home Gallery.

Reporting from China

JIANGSU, China: Dare Global Technologies Group Co. Ltd, a leading company in wood-based home industry in Danyang city of Jiangsu Province is looking forward to import timber logs from Sarawak in the future.

Dare Global brand general manager and PA Department, Ruizhe Zheng, said she just knew about Sarawak and saw the great potential of timber resources from the state.

“Maybe we can send our Research and Development (R&D) Department from here to visit Sarawak and collaborate in the future,” she said.

She said there is a possibility that the company can import the timber logs from Sarawak and from them they can manufacture the wood products in China.

Ruizhe said this to the various local media representatives from Sarawak during the reporters’ visit to the company’s Home Gallery yesterday.

The company’s number one brand in China known as Power Dekor specialises in producing wood floor and furniture.

Reporters visit the Home Gallery.

They have imported wood materials from countries such as North and South America, Europe, Russia, Germany, Africa and then produces the home products in their factory here in China with a combination of hand-made and machine-made products.

Dare Global have several factories across China and in Danyang city alone, the factory size covers an area of 3,300 mu (543.5 acre).

Its main markets are in China, and it has also exported some of its products to Malaysia, Europe including North America.

About 90 per cent of its wooden floor products are mainly supplied to the Chinese market, and 10 per cent is exported.

Dare Global Technologies Group Co Ltd is one of China Top 500 private enterprises in manufacturing industry. The company has four main businesses, namely the Home Industry, Package, Auto Parts and Transformation Industry.