Praying for Mukah to remain green

File photo: Part of Mukah new township and business seem to be doing quite well so far.

MUKAH: It is business as usual for the business community here as this district is still categorised in the green zone amid Covid-19 pandemic.

The local business community hopes and prays that the current green category will always remain as it is. This will make it possible for them to pursue their daily economic activities without any interruption.

New Sarawak Tribune discovered that business, from food and drink outlets, shopping centres, service providers, dry and wet market have been operating as usual in the last few months.

Most of these have been enjoying reasonably good business.

A food seller who preferred anonymity said his business had slowly picked up in the last three months.

Only known by his trade name Botak, his food outlet, like other businesses, was also affected  when the movement controlled order (MCO) was imposed on March 18, followed by subsequent  movement restrictions.

During the MCO, he, liked some other proprietors, operated from home, catering to take away only, before he resumed his business  at a new premises in town about three months ago.

According to him, when he was operating take away business from home, he did not earn much, partly because it was away from town and not many customers knew the location.

“Since resuming three months ago my business has slowly picked up and so far it is alrightfor me,” he said.

Botak, in his forties, and who has five assistants to take care of, really hoped that this district would always be in green zone forever so that his business and others too, would continue to prosper.

He therefore, called on the people to comply with the standard operating procedures (SOPs), and also the authorities especially those manning at entry points and borders, to be strict in enforcing the laws.

Meanwhile, general trading owner identified only as Kang opined that, business activities here were maintained so far.

“I observe that generally business here is neither slowing down nor progressing, but is maintained at the usual level,” he said.

Kang in his fifties, said the main reason for being so was because this district was still in the green zone category.

For furniture shops, business is also seen operating as usual so far and doing quite well.

“My business is alright so far,” furniture shop owner, Kong, in his forties, said.

Coffee shop owner identified only as Jackson, in his forties, also admitted that his business was doing quite well so far.

Both Botak, Jackson, Kong and Kang hoped that Mukah district would always remain in green zone category forever.

Business at major shopping centres here are also picking up so far, and enjoying reasonably good sales.

Foreign workers seemed to have contributed to a boon in business here before the MCO and are doing the same favour during the current recovery MCO.