Prepare students to face 21st century

Francis (fourth right) in group photo with the award recipients and their parents.

SRI AMAN: Students nowadays need to be equipped with a wide range of knowledge, innovative skills, personality and ethics in exploring the 21st century.

Community Wellbeing Assistant Minister Datuk Francis Harden Hollis said, “Science will not come by itself without effort on our part.

“This exposes many possibilities to us, the rapidity of information and communication technology creating the globalisation phenomenon, a world without borders for continued success.”

He was speaking when officiating at the SK Sri Aman student appreciation ceremony at Kampung Muhibbah Multipurpose Hall last Friday.

Francis is greeted by students and parents of SK Sri Aman.

He noted that the current digital facilities are not to be abused as they are capable of causing harm.

“As an example, when using smartphones, we can obtain various information by browsing the internet.

“The information at our fingertips can tempt someone’s faith to get caught up in the negative aspects of the cyber world such as online gambling.

“Therefore, we as villagers should open our minds to how our schools are striving to educate our children in the face of the ever-increasing globalisation,” he said, hoping that such event will foster a closer relationship between the local community and the school.

Pupils excited to receive their certificates of appreciation.

He reminded that in terms of education, everyone should not compromise as it is the foundation for future leaders.

The progress of a country depends on being able to carry out development plans and this can be achieved by being smart in delivering ideas that are in line with the technological world.

“In Sarawak, we have entered the IT world with the advent of online system management and the introduction of the digital economy,” he said.

Francis (fourth right) in group photo with the award recipients and their parents.

During the ceremony, Francis also approved an allocation of RM20,000 to SK Sri Aman’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) for next year.

The event saw 65 primary school students receiving certificates in recognition of their achievements.

The event also celebrated Primary 6 and 6-year-old pre-school pupils entering Form 1 and Primary 1 (respectively) in 2020.

Pupils performing to welcome Francis.