Sikie presenting the MRP cheque to Tuai Rumah Bajing Libai.

TATAU: The projects in Kakus are carried out in stages according to needs and priorities.

“Because such a large area covers part of the administration of Selangau and Mukah districts, and most of them are from Tatau District. Residents are expected to be patient if they have not yet received assistance.

“For example, the Program Pembaikan Rumah Rakyat Miskin Sarawak (PPRMS), a long and dilapidated longhouse will be given priority for repair projects under the project,” said Native Laws and Customs Assistant Minister Datuk John Sikie Tayai at the Pemimpin Bersama Rakyat event on Monday (Aug 10).

In another development, he said that longhouse residents should prioritise agriculture as an economic resource.

“Vegetable crops are seen as an economic source that can generate a lucrative income and residents are encouraged to grow vegetables as a source of income.

“This is because vegetables are in high demand but the number of people planting vegetables is still low in this area,” he added.

Sikie presenting the PRS membership card to Tuai Rumah Itol.

During the event, Sikie presented the Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) membership card to Tuai Rumah Itol and the Minor Rural Prtoject (MRP) cheque to Tuai Rumah Bajing Libai.

Meanwhile, he also announced a MRP grant of RM20,000 to Rumah Micheal Ugong village development and security committee, and RM5,000 to Rumah Micheal Ugong Women’s Bureau.

Also present for the event were Penghulu Allister Ali Digat, Penghulu Lubon Kinchang, Penghulu Micheal Agul, Cr Lawrance Lun and 26 other tuai rumah.