Projects meant to benefit the people

Francis Harden Hollis

LUNDU: Grants or development programmes under minor rural project (MRP) and Rural Transformation Project (RTP) allocated are hoped to further develop the infrastructures for the benefit of the people in Opar area.

This was said by Assistant Minister of Wellbeing Datuk Francis Harden Hollis when speaking to reporters after handing over water tanks to heads of households in Opar area today. The event was held at Kampung Bokah multi-purpose hall here.

“From last year and also this year, we requested that the MRP grants to be allocated again especially for the Opar area so that these programmes can help in this constituency,” he said.

“As for the RTP programmes, we want to improve the infrastructure in this area, such as the roads in villages, water supply, drainage system and others so that the people here can enjoy the development.

He then pointed out that the loss of the MRP and RTP programmes for Opar in the past was not caused by the people but by its people’s representative.

“He is the people’s representative but he joined the opposition and left Opar undeveloped. He has nothing to lose because he has allowance for himself, but the people are ones who lose everything because Opar is not being developed,” added Harden.