Promote mosques, surau as centres for unity

Dr Hazland (third left) presents a donation to a representative.

KUCHING: Muslims have been told to conduct all kinds of community activities including social, economic and sports at the mosques and surau.

Demak Laut assemblyman Dr Hazland Abang Hipni said in the modern era, mosques and surau should not be used just as places of worships. They could also be used to develop the lives of Muslims and strengthen their unity.

He also suggested that mosques and surau be used as administrative centres, libraries and venues for courses and discussions. 

“Looking back at history, Masjid Nabawi was once the centre of worship and administration of Madinah and the driving force of community activities,” he said.

The assemblyman said mosque and surau committee members must be open minded and far-sighted so that social programmes and activities could be implemented without any restrictions for the benefit of Muslims.

“In terms of administration, the committees can be expanded through the establishment of several small bureaus and by organising programmes and social activities,” he added.

Dr Hazland said turning mosques into activity centres would develop Muslims in a way that was relevant to today’s modern society.

Dr Hazland said this when met after presenting donations worth RM305,000 to over 30 mosques and suraus in the Demak Laut state constituency recently.