A commercial centre in the city.

MIRI: The property business in this oil town is slowly picking up, assured Miri Division Chinese Associations Sarawak president Datuk David Goh Kien Ping.

“Miri’s economy (currently) is generally not bad,” he said when contacted by the New Sarawak Tribune on Thursday.

Goh was responding to a message that has been circulating on social media claiming that Miri’s property business and economy have been badly affected with 1,000 shophouses failing to secure tenants due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic no doubt has affected our economy but not to that extent,” he pointed out.

He cautioned netizens to stop circulating such postings in the social media without giving any reliable sources or data as it could affect the morale among the business community.

“Most of those allegations are untrue and not supported by any reliable data.

“Please do not speculate if you do not have reliable data or source to support your allegations,” he said.

He pointed out that the property market worldwide was somewhat affected by the pandemic and Malaysia was no exception.