Awang Raziee Awang Mohd Zain

PUSA: Local residents here have urged the government to provide all relevant facilities in tandem with its status as a full district since 2015.

Pemanca of Pusa District, Awang Raziee Awang Mohd Zain, said among the most important facilities is a new administrative building as well as sufficient officers for the various agencies.

“Pusa needs all the important infrastructures to reflect its status as a full district.

“Among them are a new building of Pusa District Office, district police headquarters (IPD), Fire and Rescue Station (BBP), upgrading of health clinic, agricultural station, National Registration Department office, sports complex, upgrading of Kampung Pusa main road and many others.

“Therefore, we appeal to the government to provide us with the necessary facilities,” he said after chairing the Pusa Town Development meeting at Dewan Rahmaniah here on Sunday.

He pointed out that the infrastructures were necessary to ensure that the district would not be left behind other districts.

“The facilities are very important in providing the best service to the people which can boost development as a whole.

“In fact, every year at the level of community leaders and tribal leaders, we are asked to formulate development plans… many have been developed, but there are many developments that we are still waiting for,” he explained.