Doris (second left) and Misiah (second right) among the panel speakers during the event.

SRI AMAN: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Women’s wing has held two ‘berandau’ (meet-the-people) sessions for Bukit Begunan and Balai Ringin constituencies respectively on Wednesday (Aug 19).

With that, the Women’s wing had covered almost 90 percent of the PRS’ traditional constituencies via its ‘Jelajah Kawasan, Sentuhan Kejayaan’ programme.

The wing’s secretary Misiah Abdullah said there are only a couple more areas to cover and that they should be able to complete the programme in “a few weeks’ time”.

“Thus far, we are very pleased with the response we received, especially gauging from the enthusiasm and participation of our grassroots women members during the ‘berandau’ sessions. They are very upbeat and their spirit is high,” she said in a statement.

Added Misiah: “ Judging from the participation of the women members from all the constituencies that we have visited, they feel that they are on the right track and are set to give Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) a sounding victory in all these constituencies in the coming state election.

“This is because our women folk are better informed, thus they are aware of the need for GPS to win. In all the state constituencies which traditionally belong to PRS, women voters play a very important role in determining a win for GPS.

“This is not only because women constituted 50 percent of the voters in these areas but more importantly, the voter turnout trend as reflected in previous elections is largely women.”

The opening ceremony of both sessions were officiated by PRS Women chief Datuk Seri Doris Brodie.

Meanwhile, the closing ceremony in Bukit Begunan was graced by its state assemblyman Datuk Mong Dagang, who is also one of the vice presidents of PRS In Balai Ringin, its state assemblyman Datuk Snowdan Lawan, who is also PRS Youth chief and Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports, graced the closing ceremony.