PSB Youth backpedals on Unifor remarks

Kyros Sze Kuan San

KUCHING: Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) Youth has backpedalled on its criticism pertaining to the setting up of the RM70 million Unit for Other Religions (Unifor) Complex by the state government.

Its deputy chairman Kyros Sze Kuan San insisted that the party’s youth wing was never against the state government’s rationale for funding the building.

Sze said if the 10-storey building is functional and is put to good use, then it should be built by all means, otherwise the funds will be better spent for repairing or renovating other non-Muslim places of worship throughout the state.

“Please do not get us wrong or twist what we had said. We would agree to see the building being built if the building could be used productively.

“As PSB Youth had observed that there are many existing government buildings which are lying idle here and there throughout the state, they really do not want the intended Unifor building to become one of them,” he said in a statement Wednesday (Aug 12).

He was commenting on the backlash received by the party from community and religious leaders after questioning the construction of the Unifor complex.

In a statement by PSB Youth on Saturday (Aug 8), it questioned the state government’s rationale for allocating RM70 million for the construction of the building, labelling it as “a waste of money”.

Sze said PSB Youth does not want Sarawakians to misconceive the party’s action of questioning the rationale of building the complex.

“Going for something glamorous or prestigious with dubious merits will do nothing to help the people of various non-Muslim faith in the state, instead, PSB Youth thinks that the RM70 million allocation should go directly to them instead,” he said.

He also said, the party’s youth wing would agree that Unifor be elevated to a more prominent status of department as viewed by the Bishop of the Anglican Church in Sarawak and Brunei, the Right Reverend Datuk Danald Jute.

“PSB Youth would even agree if Unifor be elevated into a ministry in the state government,” he said.


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