Public backs ruling on large gatherings

File photo: A buka puasa spread.

KUCHING: The public supports the decision of the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) to prohibit large gatherings by government and private agencies when breaking the fast at hotels and restaurants.

The committee in a statement on Saturday (April 10) said that breaking the fast could be done only by individuals and their family members at hotels and restaurants.

Hence, large scale bookings by any government and private agencies for the breaking of fast are not allowed.

Khairul Habilbullah Khairul Shamshu

Khairul Habilbullah Khairul Shamshu (part-time worker)

This is the right step taken by SDMC. Because of Covid-19, events involving huge number of people are dangerous to public health.

Alif Luqman Isa

Alif Luqman Isa (hotel manager)

I support the decision aims to control the spread of Covid-19. Prohibiting gatherings by government and private agencies is the right move. No gatherings should be held, especially with the increase in Covid-19 cases lately.

Muhammad Akmal Yusup

Muhammad Akmal Yusup (private worker)

I’m totally on board with the decision. Holding gatherings like this is like challenging the current Covid-19 situation. Even if some people are already vaccinated, there are more who have not been inoculated yet. Don’t use vaccination as an excuse to hold any huge events because it will endanger the safety of others.

Michelle Virginia Kahen

Michelle Virginia Kahen (student)

In my opinion, it is mandatory for the committee to prohibit huge gatherings for the breaking of fast by government and private agencies. We all know that Covid-19 cases have increased in Sarawak. This decision is made for the safety and health of the people.

Evelyn Rimus

Evelyn Rimus (student)

This decision can have good and bad impacts. The action taken by the committee helps to prevent the spread of Covid-19 cases. On the other hand, we cannot gather with friends and families, especially during festive seasons. However, it is for the safety and health of the people. That’s the priority now.

Syufiza Iskandar

Syufiza Iskandar (Master’s student)

It is a very good decision for everyone. Covid-19 is still around. In fact, cases in Sarawak are increasing daily. Therefore, prohibiting huge gatherings for the breaking of fast is a good move to protect the health of the people.

Abdul Rahim Abdul Halim

Abdul Rahim Abdul Halim (labourer)

Covid-19 cases in Sarawak have risen and I support SDMC’s decision. Prohibiting huge gatherings for the breaking of fast can help break the chain of infection among the population. We should all prioritise our own safety and that of our families and our community. Although the decision affects hotel and restaurant businesses, it is the only way to stop Covid-19 cases from increasing.