Public like idea of recruiting graduates as temporary teachers


KUCHING: A proposal to employ graduates as temporary teachers to overcome the shortage of teachers in Sarawak has received widespread public support.

Minister of Education, Science and Technological Research Datuk Amar Michael Manyin Jawong, claimed that the state authorities are confident in addressing the issue within the next three years provided the plan is approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

“Although we have yet to receive an official response from MOE, one of MOE’s latest plans or approaches, as disclosed by the senior minister, is remarkably similar to our proposal,” he said.

Aysya Marlina Wasli

Aysya Marlina Wasli, Teacher

We have the expertise and facilities. We know the actual needs of our own state, so we can plan and train them better. More Sarawak natives can participate as they are on home ground. The programme can be tailored to fit actual needs.

Lois Gwyn Peter

Lois Gwyn Peter, Master’s student

I think it would be good for the progress of education in the state. As long as the ministry ensures that only qualified and deserving individuals are selected to teach, I see no problem with this.

Kedung BK

Kedung BK, Digital Content Producer

It’s a good idea to train them here first. In this way, they will be more familiar with the local environment. This decision will also create more jobs for young and capable graduates who want to become educators.

Mohd Asrin Abdul Latif

Mohd Asrin Abdul Latif, Teacher

It’s an excellent idea as we need a lot of new teachers. I feel that if the graduates were given proper training, they would become excellent teachers. Locals will be more convenient to post anywhere in Sarawak.

Affidah Morni

Affidah Morni, Senior lecturer

I support this measure because it’s time for Sarawak to train its own teachers. Shortage of teachers has been going on for quite a while now. We can get locals who are qualified to serve our own people. However, there must be enough facilities and resources if training is to take place.

Mohamad Faezza

Mohamad Faezza, Banker

It is a reasonable measure, given that Sarawak currently requires more local educators. However, the government must set strict criteria for the applicants to ensure that they are suitable and properly qualified.