Public on board with travel ban for unvaccinated travellers

By Nazrinzulaiqa Hasbi & Aishah Azzahra Suhiri  

KUCHING: The public here agreed that unvaccinated individuals should be banned from travelling.

The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) said that Malaysia should push for a ban on unvaccinated travellers from flying in and out of the country.

Its president Ismail Nasaruddin said that anti-vaxxers may have their views and rights on vaccination against Covid-19, but it is crucial to show that everyone must be safe to fly.

On Sept 10, Australian airline Qantas Airline confirmed its “no-jab, no-fly” policy for international passengers and Ismail hoped that the Malaysian government would consider a similar policy.

In a public poll conducted by New Sarawak Tribune yesterday (Sept 11), the public concurred that the policy should be implemented to help combat the spread of the virus.

Muhammad Izazi Yahya

Muhammad Izazi Yahya, Student

I agree with the policy. This is because allowing unvaccinated travellers to travel will put the country at risk. This situation is also dangerous to themselves (anti-vaxxers) and others, especially young children who have not received their vaccine.

Nur Hazierah Saniman

Nur Hazierah Saniman, Student

I agree with the policy. The vaccine can prevent and protect us from getting infected by Covid-19. We do not know who may be infected and it is endangering others so, the best option is not to risk ourselves and others.

Hamzah Keram

Hamzah Keram, Retiree

Tourists who want to travel must be vaccinated for the safety of the locals. Malaysia needs to be firm in this matter to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Vienis Jadam

Vienis Jadam, Cleaner

I agree with this. We not only need to protect ourselves but those around us as well. Allowing unvaccinated travellers will risk everybody’s health, especially the flight crew.

Nur Syazwannisa Razali

Nur Syazwannisa Razali, Entrepreneur

Malaysia should ban unvaccinated individuals from travelling to protect everyone. Indeed, everyone has a choice to be vaccinated or not but they should know that every choice comes with consequences.

Sammuel Ungkan Jimbau

Sammuel Ungkan Jimbau, Curator

If taking the vaccine is a requirement to travel then people should try to adapt and comply for the sake of protection. We try to be responsible to ourselves and the society as Covid-19 has already changed the world and how things work.