Public supportive of Ops Ubah Suai Ekzos

KUCHING: A two-week statewide operations dubbed Ops Ubah Suai Ekzos which starts tomorrow until March 14, has the public’s approval as they are of the opinion that it is the right thing to do to ensure that public order is maintained. 

The operations, which is to take action against road users who have modified their vehicle’s exhaust to emit loud noises, will be carried out by the Sarawak Traffic Police along with the Road Transport Department and the Sarawak Department of Environment.

If found guilty for the offense, the vehicle owner may be fined up to RM2,000 or be sentenced to jail for a term of not more than six months.

New Sarawak Tribune had the opportunity to gather several of the public’s opinion on the operations.

Muhammad Al Nazirul

Muhammad Al Nazirul, 25, Cats FM executive producer

I agree with this operations to maintain public order and its punishments are reasonable. However, it still needs proper consideration towards motorcycles that already has a built-in loud exhaust system.

Joel Kyle Nixon

Joel Kyle Nixon, 25, Screenwriter

The operations should be the obvious path taken against road users because modified exhaust system disrupts public order and causes noise pollution. For the punishment, I think it is appropriate as it is to make the public aware of the consequences.

Borhan Alvisenna Kuno

Borhan Alvisenna Kuno, 24, University student

I agree with the operations as it ensures that loud noises caused by these vehicles would not disturb public order. I feel that the punishment against vehicle owners is fair. However, sellers should also be responsible.

Muhammad Aizat Bahari

Muhammad Aizat Bahari, 23, Grab delivery rider

I agree with the implementation of the operations but instead of targeting vehicle owners with modified exhaust systems, why don’t the police target the sellers? If they’re not operating, then customers will not be able to go to them for vehicle modifications.

Alexius Khung Hui Seng

Alexius Khung Hui Seng, 21, Freelance content writer

I wholeheartedly agree with this operations and its punishment. The sound from vehicles with modified exhausts are ear-piercing and it is harmful to our hearing. It is time that Sarawakians live peacefully without any noise pollution from modified vehicles.

Russell Lim Chin Sian

Russell Lim Chin Sian, 27, Private sector worker

This is a good effort by the police to teach offenders a lesson and to restore peace on the road, especially in neighbourhood areas. Loud noises due to modified exhaust system are always a problem in residential areas, but we do not have any power in stopping road users from causing noise pollution.