Public told to stop spreading false news

KUCHING: Once again, the public have been advised not to misuse social media, but to report any suspicious activities to authorities.
Sarawak Community Policing Association (SCPA) president Datuk John Lau made this call after he received information regarding a posting that an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) member was operating a centre in Matang near here.

“Remember, circulating false news is a crime in Malaysia,” he told New Sarawak Tribune yesterday.

He mentioned that it was inappropriate to circulate such contents in WhatsApp as well.

“SCPA would like to advise the public, if the posting is true or have sense to be true, please report directly to the nearest police station or refer to a senior police officer for action.”

He said those who like to post such messages on social media such as Facebook needed to make sure the news was authentic, otherwise, “don’t post it.”

“Please do not circulate unconfirmed news on social media that will cause fear in the community,” he said.

Noting that the police are well trained to manage the security situation in the country, he again urged the public to inform the police if they have suspicious figures in their neighbourhoods.

“Sarawak is a peaceful place to live, let us make Sarawak better by advocating peacefulness, safety and a tranquil community and never spread unauthenticated news.”

There is a mobile application called Volunteer Smartphone Patrol (VSP), an initiative by the police, where the public can report any crime to the police.

Those who will be away from home may also give their details to the police through the app so that the police can conduct patrols and monitor from time to time.