Public urged to report election fraud

Voon Lee Shan
Voon Lee Shan

KUCHING: Report cases or alleged cases of election fraud to the Election Commission (EC). An example of a possible election fraud is when a person of voting age who has never been registered as a voter before finds his/her name on the electoral rolls.

“If your name has been registered without your consent, you are to lodge a complaint with the EC and the police immediately,” said Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) president Voon Lee Shan.

In touching on this issue, he claimed that upon checking the voters in Kampung Simpok at Jalan Padawan within Mambong constituency on Saturday (Sept 25), there were villagers who were registered as voters without their knowledge or consent.

“People need to complain to the EC and the police because although they are not registered as voters, there is nothing to prevent their names from being used to vote by unscrupulous people,” he said on Sunday (Sept 26), but did not explain in detail how that could be achieved.

According to him, this is particularly so in postal voting, which could lead to false election results that would rob a genuine winner of victory.

The PBK chief said if the people were registered in their constituency but found their voting station been moved to a different constituency, they should also complain to the EC and the police.

“Moving you out of your constituency could be a strategy to prevent you from voting, which also deprives you of your constitutional right to vote. 

“Check the electoral rolls from time to time to make sure that your name has not been removed before an election,” he said.

Voon urged the public not to take these matters lightly, and they should not disclose their identity card numbers to just any person before or during an election day.

What about the names of dead people in the electoral rolls? He said if you found that out, you are also requested to report it.

“Also watch out for names in the electoral rolls that are registered in more than one constituency,” he said.