Public want clean eateries

File Photo: Premiere Food Junction

KUCHING: The public have urged local authorities to be stricter with eateries that got caught running unhygienic operations and premises.

Recently, a production house for a bakery was ordered to close down after the Ministry of Health (MoH) found the premises unhygienic.

An enforcement team from MoH went to inspect the premises last July 29 and executed the order under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983.

Being dirty, the premises was deemed a danger to public health.

Located at Jalan Stampin, was ordered to be closed down for 14 days, from July 29 until Aug 10.

Many people are of the opinion that the owner of the eatery should maintain a high-level of hygiene before being allowed to operate his business.

Terrance Ngalai

Terrance Ngalai, 26, Administrative Assistant

‘Unhygienic eateries should not exist at the first place. The authorities should be stricter against them — suspend their licences or something — as we are now living with a pandemic.’

Dylan Tading

Dylan Tading, 26, Intern

‘Closing down unhygienic eateries until the owners keep them clean is the right thing to do. The owners get time to clean their outlets or they remain close.’

Emmanuel Christy

Emmanuel Christy, 25, Trainee

‘I think dirty eateries should get heavy fines, and the authorities should visit them regularly rather than wait for the public to complain.’

Nur Shalazia Morshidi@Ramzi

Nur Shalazia Morshidi@Ramzi, 31, Administrative Assistant Officer

‘Hygiene is a fundamental matter in the food industry, so eateries should be more sensitive to hygiene issues for themselves and their customers.’

Alya Anisah

Alya Anisah Ahmad, 24, Teacher

“Customers expect not only delicious food. They also want eateries to be clean. They don’t want food poisoning or worse. Thus local authorities must ensure that eateries are always neat and clean.’