Public want special rock formations protected

Lee during his visit to the 'drinking horse' rock formation on February 20, 2019 when he was still the Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

MIRI: Most of the people here agreed with Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Sebqstian Ting’s suggestion for the relevant authorities to take immediate measures to protect two newly discovered rock formations at Tusan Beach in Bekenu.

The rocks, which resembled a small baby horse head drinking water from the sea and a lion’s head, were discovered recently and have huge potential as tourist attractions at the beach.

Suut Jini
SUUT JINI (Kampung Pengkalan Lutong)

The rock formations are beautiful. Hence, they must be preserved to prevent them from disappearing.

Alfi Hazimi Aidel

They can lure tourists toTusan Beach in future. Avoid   constructions near the area and protect the beautiful rock formations.  

Bujang Julaihi

It’s definitely a big ‘yes’ to get the relevant authorities involved in protecting these rock formations. We lost one suchformation last year to erosion. Let us not lose these two new discoveries at Tusan Beach.

Chu Chat San

Yes, preserve and do conservation work at the site. After all, these rocks are beautiful and can attract tourists.

Aling Liong

I totally agree with Datuk Sebastian Ting. We need to preserve these beautiful rocks.