Punish those who violate home quarantine rules

By Umie Syazwanie Mohd & Petronella Felix

KUCHING: Members of the public opined that a harsher punishment should be introduced to home quarantine flouters.  

In a poll by New Sarawak Tribune yesterday (Sept 27), the public agree that the flouters deserve harsher punishment for posing a threat to others’ health and safety.  

They said the group’s disregard towards the home quarantine order would influence others to break the orders, further contributing to the spread of Covid-19 in the community.  

They also seconded Sibu Divisional Disaster Management Committee Coordinator Dr Annuar Rapaee’s reminder for Covid-19 positive cases who are under home quarantine to comply with the order.  

Last Saturday (Sept 25), Dr Annuar reminded the flouters that they could be fined for up to RM50,000 or sentenced to six months’ imprisonment or both under Regulation 17(1) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures Within the Infected Local Areas) Regulation 2021.

Hasniyati Abdul Rasid

Hasniyati Abdul Rasid, Production operator

Those who violate the order should indeed be charged with heavier penalties because their actions can contribute to the risk of Covid-19. Everyone needs to cooperate and adhere to the quarantine instructions to break the chain of the infection.

Dewi Marina Sabeli

Dewi Marina Sabeli, Kindergarten teacher

I think those who fail to comply with the home quarantine order deserve severe punishment including penalties under the provision of existing laws. The flouters might influence others who are home-quarantined to disregard the order and other people’s livelihood while contributing to the escalation of Covid-19 cases in the state.

Mohd Aznil Jaraiee

Mohd Aznil Jaraiee, Soldier

The flouters will contribute to the escalation of Covid-19 cases in the community when they violate the home quarantine directives. I think relevant authorities should consider heavier punishments to the flouters in order to curb this irresponsible group.

Azrul Jemat

Azrul Jemat, Student

Violating the home quarantine instructions is such an irresponsible and selfish act. The existing penalties imposed is appropriate and well-deserved, however, I think a more severe punishment should be given to teach these flouters a lesson and prevent others from doing the same.

Dancy Agan

Dancy Agan, Secondary school teacher

Those who violate the home quarantine order should be subjected to more severe action because they will endanger the public by spreading the Covid-19 infection in the community. If heavier punishment is not imposed, these irresponsible individuals will not consider it a serious offence.