PWD acts to ease Kuching-Samarahan traffic woes

Kuching-Samarahan road

KUCHING: Various interim measures have been taken to mitigate traffic problems caused by the delay in completing the upgrading of five roundabouts along the Kuching-Samarahan road.

In a statement on Wednesday (Jan 19), the Public Works Department (PWD) said arrangements had been made for the department to take over maintenance works on the road.

Additionally, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development Sarawak is liaising with the police to get traffic officers to be at the roundabouts to help regulate traffic flow. 

“The service provider (department) is currently working round-the-clock and constantly monitoring the appearance of new potholes and will carry out patching works immediately,” it said. 

“However, due to recent bad weather conditions, the filled-up potholes were not able to last long.”

Therefore as an interim solution to improve road conditions, stretches of the roads will be milled and laid with a new premix layer, according to PWD. 

It said the project actually commenced on Oct 15, 2020 and was expected to be completed on Jan 14 this year. 

“However, along the way, the project was not able to progress as scheduled and faced major delays. 

Numerous meetings were held eventually leading to a Notice of Default being issued to the contractor on Jan 13 this year. 

“During the construction period, the maintenance of the road was the contractor’s responsibility as per the contract,” it added. 

The public is encouraged to contact PWD Sarawak through PWD Sarawak RoadCARE WhatsApp at +6011-70171777 for any complaint so that action can be taken as quickly as possible. 

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